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Axis Football 2015


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Axis Football is a high-quality, 3D American Football Game. Choose from 32 team and play in either season mode or quick match against AI or local multiplayer. A great alternative to Madden, Axis Football features excellent controls and a unique aimed passing system that gives unprecedented accuracy and control of where the ball is thrown. Unlike the few other football games, Axis Football was specifically designed for play on a computer and takes full advantage of the mouse/keyboard controls as well as controllers.

Teams and Rosters
All 32 cities from the NFL are represented in Axis Football. Each team features its own ranking in passing, running, pass defense, run defense, and special teams. Additionally, each player in the game comes complete with their own stats for all of the various football metrics (speed, tackling, blocking, etc.). The names, numbers, and races of all players are stored in external files allowing for complete customization/modification of rosters. Complete mod support will be added soon!

Axis Football 2015 Features and Updates

  • Season Mode with different schedules each year (no playing the same teams on the same weeks each season) 
  • Controller Support. You can now use your XBox 360 controller to play! 
  • 2-Player, Local Multiplayer. Using two controllers 
  • Basic Mod Support You have control over the name, number, and race of each player in the game 
  • Steam Achievements. 
  • Steam Trading Cards.

Coming Soon

  • Coach Mode coming soon Pick the plays and let the AI control your players 
  • Franchise Mode Play with your team for multiple seasons. This will include roster management, drafts between seasons, and much more. You will be able to play Franchises from either Coach Mode (picking plays but not controlling players) or Normal Mode (picking plays and controlling players). 
  • New Player Models Higher poly count, better textures, separated meshes for jersey, helmets, and skin. This allows for more customization 
  • Full Mod Support Design and create your own teams with custom graphics and logos. Have full control over the stats of all teams and players. 

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